The value in you.

How do you see yourself? When you look in the mirror what do you see? Do you see beauty? Do you see brains? Do you see a nice body? Do you see someone who’s happy, loving, kind? What is it that you see?

Do you see someone with a nice bank account? Someone with major assets? Someone who’s well known in the community for their outstanding contributions to the world around them? Someone who’s famous in the social world? A good parent? Friend? Minister? Spouse? What do you see?

The reason that I’m questioning you on this matter is because how you see yourself will determine how you navigate through life. If you’re a person who’s optimistic then you’re more inclined to step out on faith and go after your dreams. If you’re a person who focuses more on what they don’t have rather than the blessings that they do have, then it will be hard to take that first step towards your God given destiny.

Life isn’t about acquiring all the worldly possessions and we shouldn’t be seeking vain glory. Life is about those qualities that money can’t buy. The last thing that you want to do is base your value on monetary things. If you only feel worthy of love or life based on what your bank account says or how many assets you have, then you’re missing the mark. Not only that but most people see you how you see yourself. If you see yourself as a winner then people around you are going to say, “She’s winning,” or “He’s winning in life.” Listen I’m not knocking anyone who’s doing well financially in life, that’s definitely a great accomplishment and I applaud you, but my concern is if you lost everything you had today, how would you see yourself tomorrow? Drive and ambition can only get you so far without Jesus. When people turn their backs on you, doors get closed in your face, your looks aren’t good enough, neither is your money… you had better have some faith! Faith in God will get you through things that no amount of money, beauty or social standing can! So if you sit back and write a list of things that makes you, you. Feel good about those things that you can name that doesn’t have monetary value attached to it. Those things are truly what makes you who you are, and through Christ, God views you as so much more! You’re even more valuable than you think! The things of this world, can get you the things of this world and it can get you temporary happiness, but it can’t buy you love… Which sums up the whole meaning of life. Recognize your value and then share the love with the world!

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