Today’s vent is brought to you by: Internet trolls.

Oh, the joys of social media. Sometimes I’m like “Hey, there’s hope for humanity after all.” Then there are days when the trolls crawl from under whatever rock they were hiding beneath only to come to the internet and irritate the 🤬out of folks like mosquitoes. I was looking at a professional photographer’s work online. She works with newborns more so than any other age group. Now everybody who’s anybody knows, that all newborns do is eat, sleep and poop. So after admiring the woman’s work, I decided to take a trip to the comment section, like I always do, just to see what my fellow comrades think. Many people shared the same admiration that I did for the young woman’s photography skills and the beautiful new born babies, then low and behold, there was a troll. “I don’t like that the babies are sleeping in all the pics.” 🙄 Really woman?!! Newborns literally sleep all day and torture their parents all night! They’ll literally sleep through a marching band at that age! Some people can’t just find the good in things or give a decent compliment, they always have to find something wrong. Then another troll complained about the background in one photo, which was a beautiful picture of clouds. This woman had the nerve to hate on the clouds! I mean, gee wiz lady! What did the clouds do to you. She probably go outside and look up at the clouds and frown, then go back inside because no clouds are in there. 😐 Lord why? 🤦🏾‍♀️Why must some people live their lives turning something positive into a negative. They’re missing the point, Jesus! Lord have mercy. We all have our opinions, but in the words of my mother, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” Anyway, that’s my daily vent for today. Have you ever experienced something like this? Let’s have a prayer meeting about it, because some of these people are crazy and for some it’s a cry for attention. You know some people get off by ticking people off. 🤷🏾‍♀️What y’all think?

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