Confession time.

Okay, so a moment of transparency… I’m good by myself, but doggoneit, 🗣🗣🗣I WANT A FREAKING HUSBAND! Every now and then I’ll ask God, “God, where is my husband?‼️” I know that my future hubby is out there somewhere, asking God, “Lord, where is my wife?” Lol I have hope, but dear Jesus, 😫“WHY IS IT TAKING SOOOO LONG????” I used to be like many independent women who “claim” that they don’t need a man, or who are overly consumed with their career or anything other than a man, but goshdarnit, lol, I need a man! 🤷🏾‍♀️… side note, I’m so proud of my substitute cuss words… now if only I can practice this in my everyday speech. Cussing is something me and God is working on… Yeah, so anyway! I’ve gotten to the point that I’m feeling like Al Green! I’m so tired of being alone, I’m so tired of on my own, Won’t you help me, BOY, just as soon as you can. 🎵A93759BC-CA1F-4A84-A0CE-FA6CBA1119C9

Not many people will put their thoughts and feelings out there for the world to see, in fear that the world will laugh or judge how they feel. I could care less though. I’m tired of faking the funk! I want a husband who fits into my purpose, and I into his. I want a life partner. I want a teammate. When God created Adam, Genesis 2:18 says, “The LORD God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.” This tells us that we need a significant other to help us! Help us in ministry, life and not to mention we need a husband to procreate, or if you’re like me and you don’t want anymore kids, then you still need a husband for sex! But sex isn’t at the top of my list for needing a husband (which is why I’ve been celibate for 2.5 years! Yay me!), I need a husband because I believe husband and wife is a part of God’s design for us. I need someone to fellowship with daily, a teammate, a soulmate. Even now though, I hear the Lord telling me to have a little more patience, and I am. I’m being patient but I’m also being proactive, meaning this year, I began to date again! Yay me! I realized that my future husband wasn’t going to fall out of Heaven into my bed, or come knocking on my door saying, God sent him to marry me, so, just as faith without works is dead in other aspects of our lives, I realized if I didn’t put my faith into action to be seen, so that my future husband can find me, then I’d be waiting forever. Anyways, here’s to the wait!D9090608-2DF4-4F8D-A42E-55A5BA9619D9.gif

May your wait be full joy, while you seek God and find yourself. May you learn to love yourself so that you’re able to love your future significant other. May you receive the full measure of everything that God has in store for you, and may the Lord fulfill your desire to have a life partner to love, become one with and to glorify His name. In Jesus name. Amen. ❤️

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