Is it kindness or brown nosing?

I’ve never been good at brown nosing. If butt kissing is in… count me out. I’m just not very good at pretending. Even if I gave it my best shot, my facial expressions would tell the truth, and it doesn’t help that I have natural “resting” face… I can be the happiest camper, but somehow my facial expression still looks as if someone peed in my cornflakes… Go figure. 🤷🏾‍♀️ 83D0AF21-367B-4CCD-847E-61B9CF241471

Yep! So anyways, back to brown nosing. I’ve met people who’ve done it as a means to gain a popular social status. I’ve known folks who’ve done it to get a promotion and I’ve met people who’ve done it for attention. Now, I know that you may be thinking that it sounds backwards, but think about it. People who brown nose, are people who need other people’s validation. There’s no way a self confident person would feel the need to people please in order to gain something. Putting your trust in God and being a person of noble character will get a person a lot further than “faking it until they make it.” Because if you start off faking, you’re going to have to keep up that act in order to maintain the position you sought after or to stay relevant to the person/people you chose to kiss up to. If anyone makes you feel like you can’t be yourself or that you have to be more like them, and less like you in order to be accepted, then those people aren’t the people you want to aspire to be. There’s no need to co-sign everything a person says, when in your heart you don’t agree with it. There’s no need to tell a person yes all the time, just to keep them happy…  meanwhile, it’s making you sad, because you feel like you can’t be honest with them. I believe it’s a cry for attention and help on both the doer and receivers end. Both people are using manipulation to get what they want. For this very reason kindness should not be confused with brown nosing. It’s all about a person’s motives. If you’re doing something in love, or because God told you to do it, then you’re right. However, if you’re living to please people because you want their acceptance, love, or favor, then you’ve given those people power over your life and subconsciously made them your idols. If it’s not from the heart don’t do it, because it’s not coming from a genuine place.

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  1. Shon Dansby says:

    In the “cornflakes” sis! LOL! However, I totally get it. I agree that if it’s geniune, it will last. If it’s truly done from the heart. I am a firm believer of “what’s in you will come out of you!” Whatever is in your heart…will eventually show!💜


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