Pray and don’t worry.

We shouldn’t worry but we do. Think about it. We worry and pray, but we should pray and don’t worry, which is what the Bible tells us in Philippians 4:6. Even though we tend to do this backwards sometimes, God consistently comes to our rescue, every time! He delivers us out of our crisis, and not even two seconds into our deliverance from one thing, we begin to worry about something else!

I’m here to encourage someone that if God did it for you once, He will do it again! His power never ends! He’s not only capable of delivering you from one thing, but through Christ, He has made a way for us to be delivered from all things. It doesn’t matter if it’s a need for something in the natural, or something we need supernaturally, God can and will make a way!

Sometimes He delivers us from one thing to teach us to have more faith for the next thing. Sometimes we have a small matter that we need Him to take care of, but small matters don’t require much faith. So, He allows a bigger challenge to come our way to increase our faith and strengthen our character! The truth is, we were created to need Him! He is our Father.

God wants to be good to us, and He never wants us to worry. Learn to be at peace when God brings you out of an issue. Don’t be afraid of what’s ahead, because He’s already there, and if He came through for you once, you best believe He’ll come through for you again! In Jesus name. 🙏🏾🙌🏾❤️

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