Celebrate your uniqueness!

You don’t have to transform into someone you’re not, just to be you! When God created you, He gifted you with everything you need in order to accomplish the purpose in which He created you! Be inspired, but don’t feel like you have to copy others in order to be successful, liked or popular. If you’re ever faced with a choice of doing what’s popular and doing what’s right, go with the latter. What’s popular updates faster than a Facebook post.

Don’t tie your worth to social media. There are people who get thousands of likes from others, and they do not even like themselves! People can be whoever they want to be in front of a camera. Make sure that you’re not just putting on a front for the world. Love who you are, without the need for people to tell you who you should be. 

Embrace your uniqueness! Love your imperfections! Everything about you is what makes you, you! Don’t feel the need to be like the majority in order to be accepted. God created you the way that He did for a reason. 

Use your uniqueness to make a positive difference in your life and the lives of others. Don’t waste your life coveting someone else’s gift, or looks, or even their life. All too often, people covet other people’s glory without knowing their story. We all have our own journey. A part of your journey should be about self discovery.

Find out who you are. Love who you are. Embrace your uniqueness. Share your gift, your light and your love. This is what life is really about!

It’s time out for following trends to a dead end. It’s time out for killing yourself to be like someone else. Celebrate who you are. You don’t need a round of applause from an audience in order to pat yourself on the back! You’ve accomplished much!

You’re still here seeking God first, winning at life, walking in your purpose, sharing your love, making a difference, being a helping hand, following your dreams and fulfilling your destiny, in Jesus name! 

My dear!… You have something to celebrate! 😇

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