The Art of patiently waiting.

To wait, is to delay action until a certain time or until something else happens. Most of the time it is an anxious inconvenience, that many people dread. But to patiently wait, means to put your faith into action. You aren’t merely sitting idly by, wishing for a miracle, no! You’re believing it’s going to happen and preparing for the arrival of whatever it is that you’re working towards. Yes work! But, not in the sense that many think of work. You are not doing something that you hate or is a burden, you’re doing what you can on your end to show God, that you believe every good thing that he has spoken over you. You are operating in your God given purpose! When doing this, waiting don’t feel like a struggle, because you’re operating in patience and expectation. The difference between your will being done and God’s will is, how you choose to wait. Will you wait and become anxious, and take matters into your own hands? Or will you wait patiently with a peace that surpasses all understanding, knowing that if you move in faith, NOT FEAR, God will do exceedingly abundantly more than you can ask or think? I prefer the latter….

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