Loving Brokeness

When you told me that you loved me, I mistook it for a game or two-

you see the truth is that I’m scared, that I could be loved by someone like you-

I’ve just begun to love me fully, I’ve had my troubles doing that-

but you’ve seen me past my flaws, and I have trouble believing that-

you still love my imperfections, my transgressions, you don’t mind-

how can you love me so suddenly, and it has taken me some time-

I thought in love, you take your time-

but there’s no time limit, just time well spent-

I’m realizing I’m the same and it’s hard to see different-

I’ve been misused and abused so long, the pain I’ve suffered has become my drug-

so I’ll tend to laugh to keep from crying inside I’m dying, I need love-

but I’m broken, there are missing pieces that I need to put me back together-

pieces that were stolen, pieces that I’ve freely given, and you’re the piece that makes me better-

so forgive me if I hurt you with my own insecurities and indiscretions-

I will stay and let you love me before I walk out on this blessing-

I do love you and that’s a good start, of something greater in the making-

but be patient cause in the making, I don’t want real love to be mistaken-

no loss of words, I need communication, and trust that we can make it-

teach me how to love you, so when the test comes, I can take it-

not only take it but we pass the trials, our faith in love is more than hoping-

just continue to be patient, if I seem fragile, it’s because I’m broken…broken_heart_by_starry_eyedkid1



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  1. dreamytrails says:

    Seriously fantastic!


    1. Author Shubricca L Bell says:


      Liked by 1 person

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