Glass Therapy. Date with Purpose.

Date with a purpose…Date towards marriage…

Know who you are and love yourself first.

 If you don’t know who you are or you are battling with self esteem issues then you will get in your feelings easily and begin to operate off of things that you lack and not necessarily what the other person has shown you.

You will become misled not by what they’ve done or said to you, but by that void that you’ve yet to address in your life. If you don’t love yourself and is not secure in who you are you will confuse flirtation or a nice gesture with love. Oh he always ask me how I’m doing or he comes and gives me a hug everyday, he always notices when I get a new hairstyle, everyday he calls me beautiful. If you operate out of your feelings you will think it’s love. You haven’t sat down with this person and you don’t know if he wants to get married or not, have goals or just winging it, heck you don’t even know his last name but you are taking yourself off the market without a commitment and telling everyone, I love him. You don’t really love him, you love how he make you feel about who you are. When was the last time that you looked in the mirror and said everything is ok or I am beautiful? When is the last time you hugged yourself and embraced you, flaws and all? So many people are broken because they’re moving from relationship to relationship without healing and loving who they are as a person. Take time to get to know you and love you first and then take your time within the relationship and remember to date with purpose.

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