Have the Audacity

You know what I’ve learned over the years.🤔 People that dislike you don’t really dislike you but they secretly admire you. The saying that, “it’s a thin line between love and hate,” is very true.

If someone “hates” on you then you have struck a nerve and brought attention to their personal issue that they’ve yet to master and or overcome.

Why hate? Let a person do them. After all it is their  life. For example if you despise a woman that refuse to give up on her marriage and is yet praying while everything is still falling apart and her husband seems to be going further and further away. If you are calling her pathetic for her actions is it because secretly you wish that you had that same fight in you? Is it possible that she is unknowingly making you feel some type of way about yourself because you chose to give up on your marriage too soon? Now her actions are making you question your WHOLE life?…

In another example: Have you ever heard someone call another person thirsty? That person may be, but guess what? That person doesn’t have an issue with being thirsty… But you do (meaning the person who is calling them thirsty).

That person may thirst his or her way into a marriage and you are going to be still on the side lines with a stale face looking all snooty and unapproachable. 😒

Is it possible that you admire how that person put themselves out there and are not afraid of getting rejected? You wish that you had the audacity to put yourself out there. The fact of the matter is you too chicken. 🐔

So let’s not hate… And be nice to people who hate on you because secretly they admire you. You are challenging their inner man.🙂 Maybe by striking a nerve in them you’ll help them to get over themselves and gain the audacity to be who they’ve always wanted to be!

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