The Opportunist

This is a story about two brothers who has the same method but different approach when it comes to decisions they’ve made in their lives.

Meet Tireek and Dereck. Tireek has been an opportunist since age five in kindergarten when he and his twin Dereck both had a crush on little Angelic. Angelic liked Dereck but Dereck would always run and hide whenever Angelic came around leaving the little girl confused and sad. Tireek knew that Dereck was shy but Tireek liked Angelic as well and since he and Dereck are identical twins he decided to take a rose out of his mother’s vase one day and give it to Angelic. He also wrote her a note. Angelic I love you, you are beautiful. Be my girlfriend ? He then drew two boxes one with yes and one with no. He barely knew how to spell beautiful or friend  but he knew what he wanted and since his brother was shy, he took the opportunity to get the girl. Clearly he had nothing to lose he was only in kindergarten and she obviously found him attractive if she liked his twin. So Angelic and Tireek fell into puppy love over the years and as teenagers they were best friends. Dereck is an opportunist as well only differently . For example: He always set goals and worked hard to achieve them, whether it was prepping for the SAT’s, spending hours studying for exams or even those long hours he spent at football practice which landed him a full scholarship to the college of his choice. Both Tireek and Dereck are now very successful but they both went about their success two different ways. Tireek was very charming and used his charm to get him what he wanted in life for example: He always had a smart girlfriend that either did his homework for him or even let him cheat off her test. He even went through a period where he paid someone to do his homework for him. By knowing what his girlfriends wanted he in turn got what he wanted and is now very successful and married to a woman who has a Fortune 500 company which means that he too is owner of that company.

Dereck on the other hand making every opportunity count by working hard graduated from college as well  and is now a successful Banker. He just so  happens to be the owner of the bank that is the lender to Tireek and his wife’s company. So Technically Dereck owns his brother and his brother’s wife company.

So both brothers are very happy with where they are in life and some may argue that one brother worked harder than the other but the truth is that statement can be argued as well. They are both opportunist but went about the “opportunity ” differently.

Which brother do you relate to more? Your answer could be the very reason that is keeping you from being part owner to THE OWNER.

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