Don’t give up. Ok?

I remember the Holy Spirit speaking to me and saying, “your current situation is not your destination.” I was going through something at the time but I had no idea of the hell and high water that I was about to face.

Only a few days after that it felt as if my word was beginning to cave in. I had made plans, set goals and I had visions of doing great things. Nothing seemed to be going my way. It felt as if I kept having bad breaks and what was bad went to worse.

Throughout this test God’s provision for my life kept me. It could have been a lot worse and I could have went without but God provided an overflow for my family.

I resigned from a job that I had in December 2015 that I had no chance of advancement in and I moved in faith knowing that my next move would be God approved. I had made a lot of ungodly choices at that job and although I was trying to move forward I was linked with spirits that were comfortable being complacent and being connected to those spirits had me revisiting some things that God had delivered me from and yet I was not set free from those things.

I was like the children of Isreal. God brought them from Egypt and delivered them from being oppressed by pharaoh but even after they were delivered they went back to serving false gods and desiring to be in Egypt again because they were not set free. They paid the price for their rebellion too and not even Moses got to step foot into the promised land. He saw it but he died before he reached it.

I have found myself praying to God that I don’t mess up the vision that he has for my life. I know that I behave like the children of Isreal sometimes but I am not giving up on God’s purpose for my life. I would rather totally disconnect myself from people that thwart my walk with Christ by remaining complacent while I’m reaching for greatness. Even if I have to start over and start alone I have God and he is all I need. I won’t give up. I was distracted briefly but I thank God for that test because now I’m stronger for that experience and I won’t dare give up. My goals and plans are still in action and has not lost a beat only because the grace of God. My current situation is not my destination but preparation, for God’s glory to be revealed in my life. God did not give up on me so I won’t give up on him. I want to encourage you to keep going. It will get hard, you will have to stand alone, you may even have to cry but don’t give up. You’re almost there. God bless you and keep you. I love you. Please, DON’T GIVE UP!

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