Spread the Love!

God’s love is so real and pure for us. He loves us completely. He loves us when we are obedient and disobedient. He loves us when we give our life to him and even if we   haven’t given our life to him. He proved that while we were his enemies he died for us! There is no greater love!

As I grow in my spiritual walk in Christ I have learned to love people (or try to) the way that God loves us. I have learned that no matter what a person’s title or accomplishments are in life one thing we will always have in common. We are all human. We all will make mistakes. The Bible says for All have sinned and fallen short. It did not say that some people or a certain race, nationality or sexual preference type of people has fallen but WE ALL. I have learned to look to God for perfection because no one is perfect but he alone. We all have flaws some of us are better at hiding them than others but that don’t mean that the scars aren’t there. I choose to love people no matter where they are in life because we all are dealing with something that we don’t completely understand sometimes and we all handle those situations differently. Instead of being a burden I will choose love. So today I challenge you to join me in this journey. It is not easy, it’s a process but if our Father can do it and he lives in us, there is no excuse for us not to walk in love. So when your co worker try you today by being annoying or trying to get you to curse him or her out, try smiling as big as you can then think about the goodness of Jesus and what he’s done for you. Before you know it you will be smiling a big Kool-Aid smile for a straight minute and your co worker will think you’re weird but they just don’t know that Love saved them. 🙃

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