I see you. I hear you.

I saw you across the street leaving the bar-

you had one too many drinks, so you stumbled to your car-

fumbling with your keys telling the guys that you’re ok-

trying to drink away the pain caused by heart break.

You sat there in your car as you waved your friends goodbye-

and when the coast was clear, you begin to cry.

You opened up your wallet and saw what use to be-

a picture of a love lost, a perfect family.

So much you want to say but it feels like a waste of time-

“she won’t believe a word I say, she’ll think I’m only lying.”

You’re wondering how to convince her to forgive and take you back-

but truth is you haven’t forgiven yourself for letting her go like that.

You have trouble expressing your emotions, you’re trying to drown them in a cup-

with women coming a dime a dozen it’s hard to give them up-

you’re stuck-

no luck.

Still not over her…

You’re crying out to her but she can’t hear you-

she only sees your issues-

she can’t hear your issue.

You behave nonchalant when she’s around-

but deep in your heart it’s breaking you down-

with every sip of the cup, you are starting to drown-

I see you and I hear you.

You turn the key to start the engine-

and drive down the road with a cloudy vision-

although it’s clear skies there is something that’s missing-

you’re searching to find it while slowly drifting-

right off a clip, you’re fingers are slipping-

I reached for your hand while tightly gripping-

you said, “let me go, my soul is missing”-

I saw you, I heard you, I found you.

I’m here..❣

By: Shubricca L. Bell

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