Passion & Purpose

I remember seeing the ads on tv and thinking, “wow that looks fun and exciting.” I was young and I was excited about having a house and preparing meals for my family. I’ve always enjoyed trying new things from food to traveling , makeup, hair or whatever. The kitchen on the commercials looked all cute and calm with everyone getting along. I was like “hey, I’m gonna be a chef one day. I can totally do that.” I was really interesting and had developed a passion for cooking. I would try new recipes and some were good and some were terrible. One day I decided to go ahead and enroll in college. I was fascinated by the idea of being a chef from knife cuts, to making ice sculptures and even wedding cakes. I thought that it couldn’t be too complicated.

Have you ever seen Hell’s Kitchen? Well Culinary school is EXACTLY like that. 😳 Biiiiiig shocker. Why did everyone on TV look so cool, calm and collect and when I get here it’s like the next world war in this thing! To make a long story short I had to do some serious praying and fasting to get through those years.

I worked in the Culinary field for about 7 years and I managed two restaurants for three years. Let me tell you that passion has been lost! I don’t want to see another kitchen including mines! But that is what I wanted to do at the time and it did serve it’s purpose doing that time but that is NOT my purpose. It is a gift though because I can throw down now! (Pop’s collar) lol

But forreal we all have a God given purpose. I know what mine is but it’s funny because I’ve done it all my life. I can do it literally all day and I have to force myself to stop. I have had this passion since childhood and I know that this is the way that God will use my life through WORDS. If someone gives me a pen and paper then I will return it with a story and within the story will be a message. So I don’t think that going to school to be a chef was a waste. It was purposed for that time and it is truly a gift but writing is my life’s purpose for my lifetime.

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  1. This is a great post! I myself am going through this. I’ve been hard on myself but it’s nice to know that I am not the only one.


    1. Southern Sophisticated Saved Sista says:

      Thanks! Yes you are definitely not alone.


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