My box of chocolates

There are some days that everything is just as sweet as peaches and cream. Everything is going great and life is full of happiness and bliss. But then there are those days that I feel like Forest Gump. Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get. 😳 Well today for a brief moment I got the nasty chocolate with the horrible filling on the inside. I don’t know what the filling is exactly but it tastes like anger and frustration. I reevaluated this box of chocolates (my life) and the Front of the box said Milk Chocolate (my favorite) and in fine print at the bottom it read : Some chocolate may be bitter sweet. πŸ˜• How? Where does bitter sweet come in at when my life is supposed to be all Milk Chocolate. I didn’t say that I would like some of the fillings in the milk chocolate but because I like milk chocolate I’ll get through it. But what about the bittersweet chocolate that was randomly thrown in the mix with the bittersweet filling? Why did that one have to be all bad? I’m using these chocolates as my walk in Christ. I know that I’m blessed and I have so much to be thankful for. But what about when something dark find itself in the midst of your joy and you are stuck looking like. “Eww, where did you come from? Nobody wants you here. Go away.” I briefly got side tracked today because it seems like people that try to live right are constantly tested and or going through while others that don’t care about anything let alone themselves just seem to be living it up in life and driving off into the sunset. I’m not going to lie I felt kind of salty. So do I eat this “chocolate ” and digest it or do I throw it out? Either way I’m getting rid of it. The trick is that I never know when those bittersweet chocolates are going to pop up again.πŸ˜‘ They all look the same on the outside but the inside is a whole different story. These “chocolates” are going to be in my box and throwing them out will not help me prepare for the next so I guess for now I will eat it(live with it but pray through it) so the next time that disgusting part of me reveal itself I’ll know how to eat it so that I can digest it a little faster. Sooner or later it won’t taste as bad and it will be nothing for me to take the bitter with the sweet. πŸ™ƒ

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