Confession time.

The more that I think about it, the more that I come to realize that I’m not ready… Yes it would be nice to have “my” idea of what my Knight in Shining armor is to come and sweep me off my feet but the reality is that I’m just not ready. 😒 I am still trying to get myself together so how can I truly be ready to accept the husband that I am praying to God for. True none of us are perfect but there are some things that I can change and I haven’t. I could easily make an excuse as to why those things hasn’t changed but the fact of the matter is that I haven’t done EVERYTHING that I possibly can to make that change. I’m tired too. It’s time. My spirit is overwhelmed by choices that I continue to make operating in the flesh. I’m tired of being double minded, I’m tired of not trusting God enough to operate in his will because I care more about what this person thinks or will he accept me if I say no. I’m tired. It’s March and I have decreed and declared things over my life that ONLY GOD has the ability to establish. I haven’t seen those things come to past yet because I haven’t been ready. Today I am surrendering myself fully to Christ. I’m tired of giving 9/10 of myself. It’s time that I give God ALL of me, issues and all. Fix it Lord because I’m tired. Break the yoke Lord in Jesus name. This year not only I but people that know me will see God doing a Mighty work in my life. Everyone will look at me and say that it was only by the hand of God. Everything that I have spoken over my life will come to past THIS YEAR. I’m tired of putting limitations on God. God is the maker of Heaven and Earth and the things that I seek are small compared to what God can do. His limitations were because of my disobedience but no more. I will OBEY! Today is the day that I fully surrender. These chains are too much for me to bear. In Jesus name. Amen.😢

Scripture reading: Jerimiah 30:8

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