God’s Provision

Not everyone is going to understand your vision. They may think that you’ve lost your mind to believe that big and that’s ok. If your vision was meant for them to believe in then God would have given the vision to them and not you. Keep going…

People that you thought was for you will show their true colors when God is getting ready to excel you but don’t be bothered. God’s grace is sufficient for you. Keep going…

There will be several times that you will fall and people will laugh at you and call you a failure but the Devil is a lie! Get up, dust yourself off and Keep going.

Whatever it is that God has planted in your heart to do then do it. You don’t need to seek validation from another person. People will let you down but God never fails. Whatever measure of faith he has given you, use it! God’s provision for your life is all you need. Keep going…

Scripture reading: Matthew 17:20, Jeremiah 29:11

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