Jeff knows it all…

“Hello there, I’m Jeff. If you ever have any questions about anything then don’t hesitate to ask me. I’ve been here almost thirty years and I know how everything works,” Jeff said to the newbie sitting at the the table across from him in the employee break room. “Hey thanks man. I have been having trouble getting this T.V. to get channel 19 but, it seems to only get one channel.” Jeff went to the back of the T.V. and did something and within a minute the T.V. had 200 channels. “Hey thanks Jeff,” the new guy said. “No problem,” Jeff said. “I’m Jeff and I know it all.” Later that week an employee called off work due to an illness. Jeff suggested that she drink a special tea with ginger, garlic and some other natural herbs and spices. “That tea sure was horrible but I feel 100% better,” the woman said happily as she returned to work the following day. “Thanks Jeff,” she said. “No problem sweetie remember, I’m Jeff and I know it all.” “Right,” the lady smiled and said. Whenever the boss needed to tweak his reports and add an extensive vocabulary to give an edge to his work, he always called on Jeff. “Hey Jeff, read this and tell me if it makes any sense to you and feel free to throw in some of those fancy, smancy words will ya?” No problem Jeff said. Jeff read the report and found several errors but he corrected it and added about 10 words that not even his boss’s boss knew. “Jeff you are alright with me. How can I ever repay you for making me look good in front of the big guys?” His boss asked. “Boss don’t worry about it. Remember I’m Jeff and I know it all.” One day Jeff and his co workers were at work and a storm came. “You don’t have to worry about anything. According to the weather man and the weather channel and my thorough research  the storm will not be a severe storm. Everyone continued to work as normal and within 30 minutes there was a rumbling and the roof flew off the building. “Everyone take cover and if you can, go to the ground floor of the building!” Jeff yelled. Immediately the wind swept through the building and carried Jeff away with it. The people cried, “What are we going to do without Jeff. He was an expert. He knew what to do in any situation.” The new guy begin to pray and soon everyone joined in. After a while the storm calmed but not without leaving the town behind in ruins. The people were like lost sheep and didn’t know what to do or where to start. If only Jeff was here with us he’d know what to do.

Morale of the story: Don’t leave your life at chance by completely putting your trust in other people.

Jeff knew a lot and even though he thought that he knew it all, sadly he didn’t. His knowledge could not save him from the storm. Many of us must stop wondering around like lost sheep everyday except the day we go to church or go to see a shrink or our mama or whomever. We let them put a quick band-aid on our issues and it feels good for a minute but then after a while it starts seeping again and then we are back to square one. We have to take responsibility for our lives. Notice in the story that out of all the problems that Jeff fixed, not one person try to learn or be taught anything. They just let Jeff “bandage” whatever it was and they went about their business. It’s something to think about.

Scripture reading: 2Timothy 2:15 & James 1:5

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