Angie… The anxious.

This is Angie. Angie is going through a ruff patch in life as you can see but, she hasn’t always been this way. It all started a few months ago…. Angie was on her way to work an hour ahead of her scheduled time when all of a sudden she found herself in traffic. “Oh no problem, I’m just a couple of exits away. I should make it to work on time. After thirty minutes Angie’s eyes began to twitch. She thought about her boss and how he’d gotten rid of anyone who was ever late for work even once. Angie called her boss to explain the traffic situation. “Get here as soon as you can, otherwise I don’t know what I will do,” he said. To Angie that meant, “be on time or otherwise…” Angie wasn’t about to find out what otherwise meant so she began to drive down the shoulder of the highway hoping a police didn’t see her. When she got to her exit it was blocked off due to an accident and Angie had to drive up to the next exit and turn around. When Angie arrived at work she was one minute late and her boss warned her that if it happened again then she would be terminated. So from that day forth Angie would leave even earlier but she always forgot something. At first she forgot her cup of coffee so the next day she made sure to have it but she forgot to comb her hair. Thursday she remembered to comb her hair and make coffee but she forgot her shoes so she “Fred Flinstoned” her way to work until she got out of the car and her barefoot hit the concrete in the middle of July. Angie planned to get up early so that she could remember to do everything on Friday. The weather forecast said that a severe storm was coming and Angie knew that the traffic would be horrible so she left home two hours early. The rain was pouring down hard and Angie was barely able to see. Angie was stuck in traffic again because many people stopped on the highway because they couldn’t see where they were going. Angie got to the job and not a single car was there. Angie looked in her purse for her cell phone so that she could call her job to see if anyone was inside. She’d left her cell phone at home. 😑 Angie quickly let up her umbrella and ran to the front door to try and open it. There was a note on the door that read. Closed today because of the inclement weather. Angie was furious. She had did all that only to get rained on. Her heel broke off one of her pumps as she ran to her car and she became angry and threw them. Her umbrella flipped up and so did her perfectly brushed hair which now exposed her ball spot on the left side. Angie felt like the Hulk. She was amped up on tons of caffeine and ready for work with no job to do. When Angie got home she checked her cell and her boss had left her two messages. One message was right before she’d left home for work.


Morale of the story: Anxiousness will get you nowhere fast…. Stop worrying. Change what you can and accept what you can’t.

Scripture reading: Matthew 6:25-34

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