The Interview….🤔

To some it can be music to our ears, to some it can be a dreadful day and to others a piece of cake. No matter how we look at it we all prepare for that day, some people do it better than others. But this interview is different from the typical interview that you may be thinking of. This could be an interview of a lifetime. I’m talking about the dreadful “Dating” interview. I’ve compared these two things because they’re really more alike than different. Think about it. To get a job some people just fill out applications any and everywhere as long as they can get some money coming in. (In the dating world these people aren’t picky. As long as they can get their money😉, honey or whatever you want to call it😎. Others go for what they want and they build their resumes, practice the interview BEFORE the interview and when they apply for the job that they want, the employers will see that the person stands out from the rest. (These people know what they want and are going for just that) These type of people will not settle. It will take a lot more than a few dollars here and there for these people. These people are interested in where the company is going (potential mate), 401K plans (long term benefits and personal goals), and is this a seasonal (cuddle season boo thang), temporary (rebound fling), part time (“I only call you when it’s half pass five.” In my Weekend voice. Some people may even refer to the other person as their “friend.” The benefits suck most of the time. The money may be ok. 😜) or full time position (you are looking for someone with the same mindset that you have, career minded, stability, family oriented, faith, beliefs, etc.. Oh the money a very important factor too… VERY) You get my drift. Most of the time we get the interview before we realize because in the dating world our first impression is our interview. 🙆🏾 That’s why you have to be on point at all times because you are what you attract. 🤔😑 So if you’re tired of just getting your feet in the door (settling for less than what you deserve) and thinking with time you can make the person better, News Flash, you can’t. No one can make themselves better but that person alone and with the help of God of course. God doesn’t even MAKE  us be what we don’t want to be…. Don’t be stuck in a situation that you can’t get out of just because you’re scared to be alone. Love yourself and others will follow your lead. Never compromise who you are. Don’t be a side chick with wife goals and 20 years down the line the only thing that you have to show for the relationship is that you went from side chick to baby mama number 3. You’re still lost and don’t know if that was a promotion or a downsize🤔. Be smart. No one is perfect but you can get what you want if you’re patient and consistent. You may have to compromise but never settle. 🙂

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