I’m going for mine!

Confidence my dear friends… Confidence 😊.  Oh that’s all there is to it? Why thank you! I’ll remember to have confidence on the day that I attend a Nelly concert and declare to him that he was made for me after I squeeze my way through the other hundred thousand of screaming women declaring the same thing and after I wrestle with security to get back stage. Sure I will be standing on one broken stiletto heel, my hair will look like I’ve been in a chicken fight from other women trying to pull me away. My clothes may be a little dusty from security dragging me out but I will stand proud and he will hear me out! Then afterwards I will proudly limp my way to my car on my one broken stiletto heel but not before looking around the floor to see if I can find the other heel that I lost during the stampede of screaming women. 😄 On a more serious note confidence is only half the battle. Ladies, you can’t expect a doctor to be your future husband if you’re entertaining drug dealers. Fellas you can’t expect a Halle Berry if you’re trying holler at every woman you see. First you have to make sure that you have yourself together. You can’t just come at people any kind of way. If you are trying to attract someone who has their own money and likes to dine at restaurants where filet mignon and lobster is served you can’t come at them looking like Mickey D’s dollar menu… I’m just saying… You want to make a good first impression just like in an interview. If you want to be first draft pick then you have to get your game up. Position yourself to where you need to be so that you can get to wherever it is you’re trying to go. Next you have to open your mouth. Come on, you can do it. I know it seems hard but it’s really not. Try it. Open your mouth and say “Ahhh!” See, that wasn’t hard. Now that don’t mean go up to your crush at the gym and open your mouth to say “Ahhh!” They’re going to think you’re crazy or you have a toothache or something. Somebody may even like it… Who knows? How will the person know that your interested if you never say anything? Are you going to wait on the guy at the gym to come over and make the first move or will you? You never know what could happen if you don’t make that move. Lastly, don’t settle.  If it’s worth having then it’s worth waiting for. You may have to put in extra effort but don’t let that stop you. Now that’s enough of chatting on the bench while watching the game. It’s time to get into position and tell yourself I’m going for mine!

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  1. Alisha Brown says:

    Confidence is key

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