Consequences & Mercy

If you want to read a book that teaches us about the consequences of our actions then a great place to start is in the bible with the book of Genesis, Chapter 3 to be exact. We all know the story and if you’re unfamiliar then take a couple of minutes out of your day and read it. Isn’t it odd that whenever we get into any kind of trouble that we always play the blame game. Even as toddlers. “Little Timmy, why did you take Suzie’s doll?” And in his little 3 year old voice he’ll say “Darren took my truck so I took Suzie’s doll.” Even though it was wrong for Darren to take Timmy’s truck, that still doesn’t justify Timmy taking Suzie’s doll. We all have to pay for our actions and for every action there’s a reaction. Sometimes it seems like everyone else can get away with murder but if we so much as look at someone the wrong way then we’re in trouble. Thank God for his mercy. We have to give an account for our actions. A lot of bad choices we make comes from our emotions and we act on that impulse and sadly we reap the consequences. But God is faithful and even in our mess he turns it into a message. God gives us fair warning about everything and he also gives us a choice to do it the right way or the way that seems right to us. Even when we do it our way and reap the not so great reward of our actions he is still right there helping us to get back on track with a heart full of compassion. 😊 He knows that many of us are knuckle heads and it may take several falls for us to learn how to walk. Don’t get discouraged my friends just pick yourself up, dust off and learn from your mistakes and try again. It is no surprise to God when we fall. He knew us before we were woven in our mother’s womb. We just have to get past the point of blaming him for what we as humans have control over. We have created every problem that the world face, not God. He has shown us how to fix the problem and the simplest way is through Love. We have to stop playing the blame game and take responsibility for our actions. So my dear friends I just want to encourage you that no matter what consequence you’re facing at the present remember God is always merciful and he proved it while we were yet in sin he sent his only begotten son, Jesus. 😍

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