Wouldn’t it be nice…

Wouldn’t it though? I could use a vacation right about now. Not just one of those getaways or even 7 day vacations either. But one of those I’ll send you a post card vacations because I don’t know when I’ll be back! Has God already pre warned you about something and told you what to hold your peace about a situation but when the time came you did what you “felt” was right at the time and not exactly what God told you? Yeah, well today that happened to me… After a frustrating day of trying to track a couple of packages that I was supposed to receive in the mail I attempted to get some answers from the local USPS Sorting Facility. Well the guy who answered my phone call was having a pretty frustrating day as well and was getting short with me and all I wanted to know was when my packages would arrive. To make a long story short he hung up in my face and immediately everything God said went out the window. 😡 I speed dailed the Sorting facility back and the guy did not answer. Lucky him… He was going to get a piece of my mind today and frustration is only the beginning of what he would have felt. Anyways I’m saying all of that to say this. He could have picked up the phone and I could have gave him the bizzness not business because he wouldn’t have benefited not one red cent off what I was going to say. But God cut that conversation short and the guy didn’t know it but it was God who stopped him from answering the phone when I called back. Ain’t God good! 😊He knows that we can be a handful at times and he gets us out of situations even when we are hard headed. I was so mad by how rude that guy was and could have made a bad decision that could delay my mail even further or even could have gotten him fired. But God always intervene in situations like this because he knows I’m a knuckle head. My prayer for today is that God forgive me for not listening to your wisdom and forgive me for acting on emotional impulses. Help me to believe that you are working everything out for my good and I don’t ever need to be anxious about anything. In Jesus name. Amen. ☺️ Scripture reading  Philippians 4:6-7

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