Books by Bricca

The Verdict (Autographed paperback. S&H included)

Book 2 of “One for the reason of love”.


How to let go and let God (Autographed, paperback) S&H included.

This self help/journal was created to help individuals learn just how to let go of the issues of life and things beyond their control and trust God with how He manages them. The reader will gain the understanding and knowledge needed to finally release those burdens and experience true freedom and real peace that only comes by putting your complete faith in Christ.


Betrayed with a kiss (Autographed paperback copy. S & H included)

Self help and devotional book that uses the life of Jesus and His disciples as inspiration to help individuals overcome betrayal. The reader will find hope and the strength needed on their journey to healing, and with the Holy Spirit live a more peaceful and purposeful life.


One for the reason of love (Autographed, S&H included)

Inspirational romance novel. Work was Caroline’s life. A relationship was the furthest thing from her mind until she met a charmer named Mike. Just when Caroline decides to give Mike a shot, her ex Stacy comes back into her life and complicates things. Will Caroline spark a new fire or rekindle an old flame?